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In The Shadow Of His Nemesis chapter ninety seven

In The Shadow Of His Nemesis

Chapter Ninety Seven


Saturday, December 4th 1996

Jason Magwier stumbled and landed on his wounded leg. A bolt of pain arced down from his balls to his foot and back up again. He landed face first in the snow and felt a shiver of relief at the coldness of it.

Briefly he wondered Would it be so bad to just lie here?

Of course it would. He had too much to do, too many plots to hatch, too many enemies to make. He raised himself up and spat blood. Were those the sounds of battle he was hearing or was it just the ringing in his head? He thought of the girl that was going to come into his life, the one future he could count on. If he died now he might never meet her.

He started to drag himself through the snow. If he’d been a student of magic he would have been able to deal with his injuries with a simple if costly incantation but he had chosen mischief over mysticism long ago.

So he kept dragging himself along. He knew Zeth had to be somewhere close by.

A hand latched onto his back and flipped Jason Magwier over. He forced a smile, “Ah Piers. Come to make snow angels with me?”

“You...” Mr. Sauno’s face was dull with fury, he jabbed his pistol into Magwier’s face, “You’ve been a thorn in my side for far too long.”

Magwier coughed, “I get that a lot.”

Eyes blazing with rage. “No more,” he said, “no more.”

“Going to kill me? The other Monarchs won’t like that.”

“I don’t care.”

“Such anger...” Magwier smiled again, “...it’s almost human.”

Piers Sauno leveled the gun again. Magwier stared down the barrel his smile faltering. Piers said, “Goodbye.”

At the sound of the gunshot Magwier screamed, calling out the name of his once and future love.

Mr. Sauno staggered in place. The hole in the back of his head began to gush with thick orange fluids. The impact of the bullet from Zeth’s high-powered rifle had bowed Mr. Sauno’s head outword. His eyes twisted wildly in their sockets.

By the time he fired his own weapon Magwier had managed to crawl to safety.

Then Zeth fired again. This shot shattered Piers Sauno’s pistol and hand leaving it a ragged claw.

Zeth fired three more times as he strode out from where he had taken cover. Mr. Sauno fell.

“Do you...” Magwier forced himself into a sitting position, “...always have to arrive in just the nick of time?”

“Look who’s talking.” Zeth slung the rifle back over his shoulder and crouched beside his friend, “You don’t look good.”

When Zeth offered an arm Magwier took it and stood. Zeth practically had to carry him. Magwier said, “I’ll be fine. We just need to go back to where Laurel House is.”

“Why the Hell would we do that? This whole thing was a disaster.”

“Something’s going to happen,” Jason Magwier explained, “something with Isobel. She’s suddenly become very important.”

Before they could get into an argument about the matter the front of Mr. Sauno’s chest tore open and he attacked in his true form.

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