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In The Shadow Of His Nemesis chapter ninety two

In The Shadow Of His Nemesis

Chapter Ninety Two


Saturday, December 4th 1996

Two drones lifted Galen up, making him stand and keeping him in place. Mr. Sauno was glaring at him. Galen wouldn’t make eye contact, instead he stared at the lapels of the man’s jacket; it was immaculate save for the spots where his burnt orange teardrops had landed and dried to the consistency of jelly. Galen had never suspected a creature like him was capable of crying. Some hidden part of himself had wanted to cheer at the sight.

“There’s still time,” Mr. Sauno stood with his hands clasped behind his back, “we can still come to an agreement.”

Even as he spoke Galen could feel the Drones’ grips tightening on his arms, “An agreement? You mean like before?”

The ruins of Laurel House were burning now, sending up a column of smoke the color of dust; it rose up until it reached the heavy clouds and then quickly dissipated. The soil that surrounded the burning wreckage was buckling inwards like the beginnings of a sinkhole. The remaining drones and donnrup were a safe distance away, silently awaiting further orders.

Mr. Sauno shrugged, “The value of the Torweigs has changed since your people chose genocide over security but you still have a chance to take advantage of the Monarchs’ generosity.”

“Then let me go,” Galen hated this but he couldn’t imagine himself doing anything else. He just wanted to live, “A show of good faith. Once I’m safe I’ll give you some locations. Then after some time has passed I’ll give you more.”

Mr. Sauno raised his eyebrow, “Even now you’re trying to set terms.”

Galen glanced up at him trying to sound confident, “Why not?”

Mr. Sauno leaned in close, “This is the end game. I’m trying to be kind.”


“Because Helen would have wanted it that way,” his face became a mask of sorrow and rage. It made his perfect features monstrous, “She just wanted everyone to be happy.”

“Take my offer then,” Galen said.

The thwup-thwup-thwup of an approaching helicopter reached their ears. The donnrup looked around expectantly, the drones remained statue-still. “You hear that?” Mr. Sauno pointed towards the sky “That’s our ride. We’re taking you to a Pit and once we’re there you will suffer. We have such tortures in mind.”

Miss. McGlade was watching over Jason Magwier’s crumpled form, she looked up and commented, “Ordeals bordering on the avant-garde.”

“Yes,” Mr. Sauno smiled a little at that, “well said Cheryl.”

The sound of helicopters was growing closer.

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