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In The Shadow Of His Nemesis chapter ninety one

In The Shadow Of His Nemesis

Chapter Ninety One


Saturday, December 4th 1996

Hao sent the others out of the room. She told Isobel not to look as she prepared the body. Zeth had given her the knife in his boot to use. With each cut into Warren’s flesh she felt a twinge of pain, this was the soft skin she had showered with kisses not so long ago. Hao had no words to express how cheated she felt, she could have loved him forever.

No. She would love him forever but that love would be unrequited now.

She widened the wound in his belly and pulled out his cool entrails, knowing they would not be needed. If there had been time to prepare, the organs would have been stored in specially sanctified canopic jars but instead they would rot here on the floor of Culann manse.

There was a gasp from behind her. Isobel had to muffle her own scream. “I told you not too look,” Hao said, “one of you get her out of here.”

Come.” Sig nudged her gently with his snout, “Come outside with me and I will tell you a story.

Once she was gone Hao moved to Warren’s fingers, she skinned the tips of each one and sharpened the bones to fine points. It wasn’t much but the Dread Lord would do the rest.

She carved runes onto the palms of his hands and after stripping off his shoes she did the same to the tops of his feet.

The sound of helicopters off in the distance lent an urgency to her actions. Zeth let her know where he was going and what he was doing. Under ordinary circumstances Hao would have found his sudden deference to her highly amusing but now she was just thankful he knew and understood the legend of Moon-Eye the Clanslayer.

The runes completed she began to recite the incantations from the Song of Tian-gou. Since her preparations had been imperfect she called upon the most imperfect of the Dread Lords- Chayot.

The words of the song became hot, they hurt to speak but Hao kept speaking them.

All the while she stared at the mutilated remains of her lover’s body. Only his heart had been left undisturbed, the heart was so very necessary when summoning a spirit of vengeance.

After all vengeance, like love, resided in the heart.

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