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In The Shadow Of His Nemesis chapter ninety

In The Shadow Of His Nemesis

Chapter Ninety


Saturday, December 4th 1996

The pale sunlight that bled in through the shattered doorway of the Great House did nothing to dispel the murk. Zeth stood off to one side, keeping watch, his eyes were emotionless. Sig was huddled in a corner near the elaborate mural, his body as bestial as it was ruined. Warren’s sister knelt beside his body murmuring one “No...” after another. Sometimes she closed her tear-filled eyes and tried to deny the reality before her.

Hao’s cradled the body close, her voice had become deep and animalistic with rage, “Bodivar.”

“Yes,” Sig said, “Bodivar.”


“I don’t know. The Monarchs found Laurel House. He must have led them there. He must have escaped during the attack.”

“I couldn’t help but notice,” Zeth said, “that you escaped the attack as well.”

There were tears in the old Vlodek silvery eyes, “They let me go. I wanted to fight. Angie’s dead and I have nothing to live for but they wouldn’t kill me.”

How very convenient.”

Hao pulled Warren’s cold body closer to her, she rubbed her cheek against his, “He’s not lying. This is his damnation. To be the last to die.”

“You’re voice is scaring me,” Isobel said, “please stop.”

For a moment anger flared on Hao’s face then her expression softened, “All right.”

Zeth leaned a little out the doorway and squinted, “What about the others?”

“Jack’s dead. Galen and Magwier have been captured,” Sig explained, “for now anyway.”

Zeth laughed a little, “Magwier’s alive...”

“And Galen,” Isobel added, “what are we going to do about it?”

“I’m going to rescue my friend, I don’t give fuck all what the rest of you do.”

“We’re going to do this together,” Hao stood, she took Isobel by the arm and led her away from the body, “we’re going to avenge ourselves.”

“Can we? Can we really?” Isobel asked.

“Oh yes. Don’t you see?” the other woman said. She ran her hands along the mural the depicted the history of the Vlodek in a single swarm of activity and madness; the splitting of the bloodlines, the wars, the feuds and all the lesser races being trampled underfoot. “That’s why the Monarchs waited until the three of us were gone before they struck. We’re the ones they were the most worried about.”

“You three can do what you want,” Zeth said, “it’s not my concern.”

Hao turned towards him, “You are going to help us.”

“I don’t think so,” he said but the smug grin fell from his face when his gaze met hers. One of her eyes had changed, it had filled with yellowish effulgence. It blazed in the darkness.

“You...” Sig’s voice was full of grim wonder, “...Moon-Eye.”

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