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In The Shadow Of His Nemesis chapter eighty eight

In The Shadow Of His Nemesis

Chapter Eighty Eight


Saturday, December 4th 1996

Galen stayed face down as they beat Jason Magwier. Experience had taught him that a beating from the Monarchs was as precise as it was cruel. They could keep you in agony for hours, never letting shock or unconsciousness offer you even the briefest respite.

If he’d had the nerve he might have spoken up, he might have told Magwier that this is what playing at being a hero got you.

And this? Galen shifted in his bonds. This is what being a coward gets you...

Mr. Suano and Ms. McGlade were speaking in hushed tones. It sounded to Galen like Zeth had taken Miss. Ginmett off the board and escaped.

Isobel was with them, Galen thought.

Which meant she was gone, would Zeth and Hao protect her? Or would they just take the easy route and kill her?

Her chances are better than mine, Galen realized. There was an irony there, after all the girl should have been long ago.

Jason Magwier began shouting insults, the Drones beat him harder. Galen was sure he heard the familiar sound of a rib breaking.

Did the man want to die? Galen had to wonder what it was like to be so unafraid at the prospect of oblivion.

Maybe it was true, maybe Jason Magwier couldn’t die, or maybe he was one of those foolish people that believed there were things worse than death.

“Enough,” Mr. Sauno turned to face his prisoners. He was dabbing at his discolored tears with a silk handkerchief. The drones dropped Magwier’s bloodied form and stood waiting. Mr. Sauno walked over to Galen and flipped him onto his back. He glared down at him until he bared his throat.

The old instincts never died, Galen cursed them.

Mr. Sauno said, “We’re finished here. Call for an extraction.”

“...extraction?” Magwier’s voice was a drowning whisper, “Are we going to the dentist?”

With a single nod Mr. Sauno set the drones to work on him again.

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