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In The Shadow Of His Nemesis chapter eight six

In The Shadow Of His Nemesis

Chapter Eighty Six


Saturday, December 4th 1996

They made him kneel.

They made Jason Magwier kneel in the blood spattered snow even though his right knee was broken. When the pain made him grow faint a drone held him in place so Mr. Sauno could burn Runes of Enfeeblement into the man’s forehead. Galen Delaworg was face down on the ground, his arms and legs had been chained behind his back with manacles made from reenforced silver alloy.

“Why are we doing this?” Ms. McGlade asked, “Wouldn’t an injection be easier?”

“Not with a Vlodek,” Piers Sauno explained as he returned the laser brand to his jacket pocket. He gave Magwier’s wounded leg a nudge, “And as for this one... well I’m not taking any chances.”

Magwier cleared his throat with a weak laugh, “Little do they know we’ve got them right where we want them. Right Galen?”

Galen didn’t say anything, he’d been silent since his capture.

Mr. Sauno shook his head, “Even now he jokes. Amazing. Infuriating.”

The drones were methodically searching through the wreckage of Laurel House searching for any items that might be of use to the Monarchs. The surviving donnrup were clustered in a little circle, trying to stay warm.

“What will we do with the other three? Zeth, Hao and Isobel?” Ms. McGlade asked, “I so want to speak to Isobel one last time.”

“I’m sure you do.”

“I don’t know if I should be grateful or angry.”

“Why not be both?” Mr. Sauno chuckled, “But ultimately Helen will have to decide how best to deal with her. Doubtless she is...”

The handsome man in the perfect suit paused, one hand reached for his temple. His expression became crazed. “Helen...”

Cheryl McGlade imitated his posture, “How can this be?”

“Oh dear,” Jason Magwier said, “has something gone wrong?”

“You,” Mr. Sauno pointed at him, “what have you done?”

“Anticipated the future,” Magwier grinned and then shrugged, “...well mostly.”

Five of the drones stopped working and marched towards the prisoners.

Ms. McGlade’s voice trembled, “So much pain. So suddenly.”

“What did you expect?” Magwier said, “You wanted life. Life is pain little Monarch. Even for you.”

“You want to talk about pain?” Mr. Sauno’s expression was monstrous. He was crying and his tears were burnt orange, the color of his blood.

The five drones surrounded Jason Magwier. Acting on an unspoken signal they began to rain blows down upon him.

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