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In The Shadow Of His Nemesis chapter sixty

In The Shadow Of His Nemesis

Chapter Sixty


Thursday November 28th 1996

Warren smiled, “It doesn't even feel like Thanksgiving does it?”

Not at all,” Isobel said. They were out walking the perimeter of Laurel House, enjoying the cold air and bright sunlight. The path they walked was an old one, there were dozens of footprints in the snow, sometimes a set would branch off into the woods or pause at a gazebo but it never strayed far from the shadow of the building. “I wonder if they do anything for Christmas around here.”

I'm not sure the baby Jesus would be welcome here on Monster Island.”

Monster Island! You’re bad.” Isobel laughed. She had forgotten how funny her brother could be- or maybe it was that they had finally remembered how to talk to each other. Well, what else was there for them to do here but talk? It made her wonder what her parents would be like at Laurel House, with the comforts and grudges of Albany torn away from them.

Where's Galen anyway? Usually you two are joined at the hip...” he paused, “...that sounded dirtier than I meant.”

Oh sure...” Isobel said, “And he's talking with Jack about... something.”

Something? Planning a surprise party for me?”

They were at the part of the snowy path that ran closest to the woods, Isobel looked around as if she thought there might be spies everywhere, “It's about Magwier.”

You're planning a party for him? Count me out,” Warren said.

Galen thinks-”

“You know, Greg said that Magwier was there when everything went down with Tristam, that he was somehow a part of it.”

She had been upset before but now she was growing angry; things had been good here, why was this... this weirdo trying to ruin it all? Isobel thought of Galen's talk of going away, of asking her if she would wait. Was Jason Magwier going to drive them apart? “What do you mean by a part of it?”

Greg wouldn't go into specifics, he didn't like talking about that night. In fact even when he did go into specifics he didn't always make a lot of sense.”

They started walking again, keeping silent until another lap of the house had been completed. Warren spoke again, “I'm not angry with you.”

That stopped her in mid-step, What?”

Sometimes I see you looking at me... or looking at my hand... and I can tell you're hating yourself for what happened but don’t.”

You should hate me. I got a lot of people killed.”

You didn't kill anyone. You just helped some poor guy and fell in love with him.”

It shouldn’t have happened this way- you shouldn’t have gotten pulled in.”

Warren nodded, Let me tell you something sis, I think I was always headed for this place.”

What are you talking about?”

Some of the things that happened with Tristam were just as crazy as what we’ve got here. And as for Magwier? When he was playing janitor he practically stalked me. It’s like he was waiting for me to tell him something. I don’t know what though.” In the distance a flock of winter birds were flying in formation, as they drew closer to Laurel House they scattered into a chaotic swarm only to reform a back into their familiar pattern once they were some distance away. Warren said, “Even in my dreams haven't been right for years.”

Your dreams?”

“Sometimes I dream that I’m swimming in black water, there’s no sign of a beach anywhere and I’m so afraid of going under the water. But not because I’ll drown. I’m afraid that if I go under the water when I go back up I’ll be different. There’s something under that water, something that I don't want to see.”

Isobel shivered, “I don't what to say.”

What is there to say? I’m afraid of changing but maybe I was always meant to change,” he said, “maybe that's why this is where I needed to be. Maybe I was meant to be a part of Hao’s world all along. I could learn a few spells or something...”

She raised an eyebrow, “Warren Talbot Man of Mystery?”

I like that,” he grinned, “I like it a lot.”

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