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In The Shadow Of His Nemesis chapter fifty one

In The Shadow Of His Nemesis

Chapter Fifty One


Wednsday November 20th 1996

“How many times are we going to have this argument?” Galen’s voice rang with exasperation as he walked outside.

Jason Magwier was hot on his heels, “As many times as it takes.”

It was a subdued evening at Laurel House; Zeth and Bodivar were playing a game of chess in the library, Jack and Roxanne were drinking in front of the fireplace, Isobel, Hao and Warren were talking and laughing in the solarium. Galen would have been content to join any of them but Magwier wouldn’t let things be.

“Why do you think the Monarchs want the Torwegs?” Magwier asked. The air was dry and bitter, the sky heavy with stars.

“They want to cut off all means of escape for my people,” Galen said. “It isn’t enough that we’re broken, they want us wiped out.”

Magwier tsked under his breath, “Not even close. Once they're done with this world they’ll use the Torwegs to move on to the next.”

“The next?” There was a gazebo up ahead, Galen made his way through the ankle deep snow towards it.

Magwier followed Galen’s trail,“What do you think the Shard Worlds are? They’re wreckage.”

The wooden structure was encrusted in white, the gazebo’s windchimes were coated with ice, “There’s a lot of life on the Shard Worlds.”

“There was a band playing on the Titanic, it still sank.”

Galen leaned against the wooden structure and looked back to the burning lights of Laurel House, “I’m not eager to be on the losing side of another war.”

“War’s over, this is the Cause- and not just my Cause. The Monarchs must be stopped,” Magwier paused. “What a melodramatic thing to say.”

“I don’t understand what you need the Torwegs for. You have the Splinter...”

“...not today I don’t. Maybe I never did.”

“You can see the future.”

“Actually I remember things that might happen. Very different and much more nerve wracking. And absolutely no help when you can’t find your car keys.”

Galen started heading for the treeline, he needed go be away from this man, he needed to clear his head, “You’re crazier than Sig said you were.”

“Crazy enough to beat the Monarchs?” Jason Magwier jogged after him.

“The Torwegs are all I have left...”

“All you have left? Do you mean as a legacy or a bargaining chip?”

“Shut up.”

“Or maybe an escape route?” Magwier grabbed the other man’s shoulder and turned him around, “It’s not just about you Galen, or your sins for that mater. Your people are still out there fighting to survive, common-born and the half-breeds.”

“I don’t owe them or you anything.”

“What about Isobel? She’s given you her heart, she needs your protection. Are you the man she thinks you are? Do you think you could be?”

With a shout of rage Galen shoved Magwier sending him tumbling back into the snow. He said “I’m not a hero!” and stormed off into the shadows.

“And neither am I,” Magwier said, not caring if he was heard. “Neither am I.”

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