Tuesday, June 2, 2009

In The Shadow Of His Nemesis chapter fifteen


Thursday November 8th 1996

Warren learned that the woman with a monster's face had a grip like iron.

Mr. Sauno's face was less horrible than Ms. Ginnmett's, only the skin around his neck was torn but it was peeling away from his chin like the rind from an overripe fruit.

Once the door had been locked and Warren had been forced into a chair at the dining room table the questions began. First Mr. Sauno asked where he could find Isobel.

Staring with dull eyed horror at the bodies of his best friends and the two detectives Warren had said, quite honestly, that he didn’t understand the question.

And Mr. Sauno responded by grabbing hold of Warren's right hand and twisting the pinky back until it snapped off.

That was where Ms. Ginnmett's strong grip came in, she stifled the screams with a well-placed hand over Warren's mouth.

Warren watched the blood burble from the ragged stump, it stained his clothes and splattered on the linoleum floor.

“Now...” Mr. Sauno began. “Ms. Ginnmett is going to take her hand off of your mouth. I do not want to hear any screams. We are going to have a calm discussion.”

But the moment her hand was off his mouth Warren started shrieking, screaming for help, screaming for them to let him be, just screaming and babbling like he had gone mad.

And Mr. Sauno broke Warren's ring finger and pulled it off with a single sickening twist.

Then Warren wasn't screaming anymore because he had passed out again. He dreamed briefly but dream was tinged with red; he saw himself in a sandstorm choking on dust.

A splash of cold water woke him up again, he sobbed but he forced those sobs to be quiet choking sounds.

“Let's begin again,” Mr. Sauno said. “Do you know where your sister is?”

“No.” Warren's voice was a whisper, “I really don’t.”

“I didn’t think you would.”

“You knew that?” Warren felt the room spin, “Then why did you-”

“Why to get your attention of course.” Ms. Ginnmett whispered in his ear.

Mr. Sauno silenced her with a look, “But you can still help us. Where would your sister go if she had to hide? Where would she feel safe?”

Warren tried to think of something, anything, “I don't know maybe her boyfriend-”

Ms. Ginnmett said, “Dead already.”

“Oh Jesus... oh Christ...”

“Anything else?” The man asked, “Anything at all?”

“She has a friend...”

“Does she now? A name Warren, I need a name.

What was it? What was her name?

“Cheryl... something.”

“Cheryl Something?” Mr. Sauno ripped the middle finger off Warren's right hand, “Cheryl what?”

“Please please!” Warren started to scream and then caught himself, “Please don't hurt me anymore. I won't tell anyone...”

“No surprises there.” The woman said, “You haven't told anyone anything yet.”

“Helen.” Mr. Sauno said, “That was crass.”

“Please.” Warren begged, “Please.”

Mr. Sauno said, “This friend, this Cheryl, I need her last name,”

“Uh, I think, I think it's McGlade.”


“It is! It is!” Warren screamed.

Mr. Sauno frowned, “Didn't I say no shouting?”


  1. Ick. This a brutal one. I'm not sure why I think so but it felt nastier than other violent scenes you've portrayed. Still, a well-written bit of the story here. And is it my imagination, or are the installments getting shorter in word count? (That's not a bad thing, I'm just asking.)

  2. Yeah as things start spedding towards a climax the chapter do start getting shorter.

    And I cringed while writing it so you may as well cringe while reading it.