Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In The Shadow Of His Nemesis chapter two

In The Shadow Of His Nemesis

Chapter Two


Al Bruno III

Thursday November 7th 1996

"Damn." The two figures watched the car disappear in the distance. The taller, more masculine figure brushed chips of glass from his otherwise impeccable suit. His shoes would have been impeccable as well if not for the grime and blood streaking them. "Are you all right?"

The other shape stood back up, her suit was equally expensive but it was ruined. Her hair had come undone and it hung around her face in loose curls. "While you were getting physical I got the license plate number."

"Superb." He said as they made their way back to the roadside. "Perhaps this evening won't be a total loss after all."

"What about the other one? Surely he might be of use to us?" She said as they walked past the trees and road signs to lose themselves in the murk. They moved at a steady pace, never blundering in spite of the dark, not caring if low hanging branches struck them.

"He killed himself rather than face processing. Standard bullet to the head."

"How very brave and wasteful." They paused at the slumped body before them. She sighed with disappointment, "If they understood death do you think they would give themselves up to it so easily?”

“I stopped wondering years ago.” He started walking again, “Come on, nothing worthwhile here.”

“We should get the owner of that car tracked down as soon as possible."

"That information should take little time to obtain but I still would like to wait a few hours before we act. I want to know if this is another one of the Hanged Man's agents or just simple coincidence." He smiled a perfect smile, "Plenty of time to stop for waffles first."

She grinned back, "You and your waffles…"


  1. Her hair had come undone and if hung around her face in loose curls

    it hung

    She sighed with disappointment, She said as

    should be a period not a comma.

  2. Thank you for catching those!