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In The Shadow Of His Nemesis chapter three

In The Shadow Of His Nemesis

Chapter Three


Al Bruno III

Thursday November 7th 1996

Galen. His name was Galen. He sat quietly on the side of the tub while she rummaged through the medicine cabinet in search of Band-Aids and peroxide. Of course she couldn't find either now. If she had been searching for Q-tips or eyeliner she would have found bandages aplenty.

"Who did this to you?" she said as a bottle of aspirin went clattering into the sink. "Damn it!"

"No idea," He said. "I was just… I never saw their faces."

Isobel wasn't sure if she believed him. She believed he'd been beaten pretty badly. His face was bruised and scraped and his hands were cut up pretty badly too. It looked to her like he'd tried to play tug of war with a coil of barbed wire.

But would someone really go to the trouble to do something like that at random?

There was more to this Galen then met the eye.

Then just bandage him up, give him cab fare home and get him the fuck out!

"Maybe we should call the police then."

His ice blue eyes flashed with panic, "No police."


He smiled sheepishly, "I have a history with the police."

"Really?" She flashed him a smile of her own, "Am I in the presence of a dangerous man?"

Oh God, he's blushing. That's so cute.

What am I doing?

She gave up all hope on the medicine cabinet and started looking under the bathroom sink. "Ah ha!" There it all was- bandages, peroxide and... cotton swabs! She'd forgotten she had cotton swabs.

"Look." Galen stood and put his hand on Isobel's shoulder with a surprising gentleness. "I really should go. You've been very kind but I really don't need any first aid.”

"What are you talking about?" Isobel turned to look at him. She had always thought this bathroom was too damn small but now it felt positively cozy. There was something about the smell of his sweat, something primal. "Look at you."

"I heal fast."

She took hold of his right hand; the flesh of the palm was all in tatters. "At least let me get at the worst of it."

His hand grasped at hers in a movement that was as pleading as it was sudden. "I’m not…"

Before she could think about it, Isobel kissed him.

When the kiss broke. They were both gasping. They were both looking at each other with surprise.

Then they were kissing again. Isobel deftly undid the buttons of Galen's shirt. His chest was covered with fine red hair. Her jeans slid down her legs. He lifted her up, planting her bottom on the cold porcelain sink.

Goosebumps worked their way down her back. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and nuzzled at his throat.

He lifted her up again. “Bedroom…” he gasped.

“To the right” Isobel murmured, tightening her thighs around him.

Galen blundered to the right, their entwined bodies bumping and slipping along the wall until they found their way to her bed. They fell back onto the mattress sending folded laundry scattering this way and that. His fingertips were cool and insistent. He undressed her, his touch leaving her bare skin streaked with blood.

When she was naked he took a step back from the bed. Isobel started to grab after him, then she realized he was looking at her. Looking at all of her.

And he liked what he saw.

Then he was pushing his jeans down to the floor, kicking free of them as he knelt and kissed his way up from her navel to her breasts then up to her chin and mouth. She could feel his errection brushing against her leg, throbbing in time with his heart.

The room seemed to have become unbearably warm. She ran her nails gently over his back. “Fuck me.” She whispered, “Just fuck me.”

Galen practically growled with anticipation, his powerful arms turned her over onto her belly.

What is he… Ohhhhh…

He kissed his way from her bottom to the back of her neck. When he took her he wasn’t gentle. Isobel shuddered and gasped his name like she'd known him forever.

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