AUDIO AND VIDEO - original fiction and adaptions of my works

The Eyestalk Kid (by Morbid Butterfly)

Burma Shave (by Moosedup Narrations)

The Man That Ate Newborns (by Chilling Tales For Dark Nights)

Can't Sleep Blogs Will Eat Me

They See Me Rollin'

A Reading From The Binder Of Shame

Paranormal Empathy

The Ocean Doesn't Want Me

Another Fine Mess

The Man Who Ate Newborns (by DerSchlankerMan)

Southern Fried Sokushu

Forever 'Till The End Of Time

Found On The Laptop Of Doctor Todd Booth

Fat Guy Gets the Girl (by Barnabas Deimos)

Sandbagged: A true story from the life of Al Bruno III

Playing For Tomasso

A Man Called Corpse

The Team That Couldn't Shoot Straight (by Role Playing Public Radio)

Achy Breaky Mythos (by Role Playing Public Radio)

Death By Thumbs (by Role Playing Public Radio)

The Bad Rifts Project (by Role Playing Public Radio)

The D&D Session That Mostly Wasn't (by Role Playing Public Radio)

Precious Machine (by the NoSleep podcast)

The Man That Ate Newborns (by the NoSleep podcast)