Monday, March 20, 2017

GONE & FORGOTTEN considers issue 11 of THE MICRONAUTS!


This is it, the big finish -- advertised on the cover as Saga's End, and that seems to be about the right sentiment. Even allowing for distractions like the go-nowhere introduction of Captain Universe and the extra-narrative dalliance with the Man-Thing, Micronuats to date has been one of the most dense, intense and grandly-scoped comics ... ever? Possibly, although I can say with certainty that this first arc is definitely one of Marvel's top 50 storylines, arguably the best comic to come out of Marvel's 1979 offerings, and one of the two or three best books out of Marvel's wide expanse of licensed comics.
Those seem like watered-down accolades but, honestly, it's about right. I went into this series knowing nothing of the contents of the comics except the pedigree of the creative team, and it's been everything except a disappointment. I know this blog usually obsesses on bad ideas, lousy executions, and misfired concepts, but Micronauts has been a delight.

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