Sunday, January 29, 2017


"The voice on the radio was a woman’s, it was smoky and deep, like a jazz singer coming into her prime..." -Brian Foster
"This is Sweet Jane coming from you atop Chamber's Peak. It's been a busy day here in our five cornered town, so let's get right to the news. Rumors continue to fly that incoming Mayor is actually a superhero with the proportionate strength of a flea but a lawyer for Timothy Knight insists that this is simply not true and that his client just happens to enjoy drinking  blood." - Sweet Jane 'Muldwych After Dark' January 29, 2012
"The station that broadcasts Muldwych After Dark has no call sign and there is no town of Muldwych Corners on any map. The show normally discusses local events and insane unworkable theories on about the unending chain of linked cosmos-atoms which makes up the immediate super-cosmos of curves, angles, and material and semi-material electronic organization." -Brian Foster
"Don't forget to check out the new frozen custard stand over by Hanson Square. If their strawberry sundaes don't snap you out of your post holiday blues you can head right over to the recently renovated Lethal Chamber." - Sweet Jane 'Muldwych After Dark' October 10, 2015
"Sometimes I'm sure the whole thing is a put on, some kind of prank put together by a cabal of ham radio operators and performance artists. But other times, other times I listen and believe every word I am hearing." - Brian Foster
"I would like to remind all of you out there that we are still under martial law until local authorities can find a way to deal with the shoggoth that was accidentally summoned by last week's community theater production of MacBeth." - Sweet Jane 'Muldwych After Dark' March 3, 2016
"Another recording of Muldwych After Dark has come my way, this time the transmission was caught by a SETI monitoring station during a routine sweet of the Haydes star cluster. Once I clean up the audio I am going to send it your way. Get this Brian, she's talking about you." - Bunny Joe
"Warning! Objects on your radio are closer than they appear." - Sweet Jane 'Muldwych After Dark' April 1, 2015

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