Monday, January 16, 2017

Gone & Forgotten explicates MICRONAUTS issue 2.

Leaving behind the oddly pro-Oligarchy glint of the first issue, the crew of the mighty Endeavor -- that's Commander Arcturus Rann, the desposed princess Mari(onette) and equally-deposed prince Acroyear of the Acroyears (argh!), the roboids Biotron and Microtron and character find of 1978 Bug -- find themselves pursued into the "Fringe" of reality beyond their world! That was a long sentence! I'm gonna go for brevity from here on out. 

Their sometimes ally Time Traveler, wielder of the Enigma Force, briefly appears to warn them of a pursuing battleship and then fucks off to nowhere. This leaves the Micronauts a little time to assess their individual situations. This also fills in the new reader on the backstory so far. How are these short sentences working out? Still a little too long? I'll go for expressive grunts...

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