Thursday, September 1, 2016

GONE & FORGOTTEN considers Buzz Balmer


There must be something about being reduced to the size of a human thimble which makes a man want to take to the air. Perhaps it’s the sudden feeling of freedom one gains from being knee-high to a grasshopper’s dick, perhaps it’s the new perspective giving one an appreciation of life not lived staring at other men’s ankles, or perhaps it’s just pure cussedness. Whatever it is, it infected “Buzz” Balmer, the most laid-back victim of accidental shrinking yet introduced to mankind. Therapy is really working out for him. Launching a trio of adventures in Bang-Up Comics, Buzz is introduced on panel one in a state of ecstatic celebration – he’s won a plane! That’s like ten times better than buying a zoo, even! Unfortunately for Buzz, in his rush to share the news with his scientist father, he stumbles right through pop’s patented “Shrink-A-Wee Beam”. Okay, it’s actually called a “Minus Ray.” I like my name better. Buzz is reduced, in his own words, to “the size of a peanut.” Taking the sudden reduction in short stride, Buzz keeps focused on his primary goal – flying. When he’s informed by his father that there’s no method of reversing the ray’s effects, Buzz whines “If I could only keep on flying, I wouldn’t care what size I was!” And, with that, his pop hucks him out a window...

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