Thursday, September 8, 2016

And just when you think things can't get any weirder Adolf Hitler shows up!


In his sole adventure, the Captain gets involved with Professor Phineas Bopplegush and high-flying adventurer Don Derring, both of whom seem to have slipped into this strip from someone else’s. The trio are investigating the sudden appearance of Fortrean phenomenon on Earth – cats, dog, frogs and red rain pouring from the sky. The cause appears to be an upside down layer of Earth floating in lieu in the Heaviside layer, which is going to make it tough to get to the moon in 1969. Just warning NASA now… On the floating land, Cap and his pals find a reversed world of good and evil – Derring’s alter-ego is a proto-Elizabethan sissy, the Professor’s alter ego is a world-conquering dictator, and Captain Wizard doesn’t have a doppelganger because he’s special. Also included in the opposite land is Adolf Schickelgruber, a happy painter who’s tormented by dreams of his alternate self on Earth. In fact, a kindly scientist of “Cloudland” explains it thus: “When we go to sleep up here, our minds go down and occupy your bodies, and vice versa!” Captain Wizard lacks a duplicate because he never sleeps, which is how you make yourself schizophrenic so, you know, Don and the Prof better watch themselves on the flight home. Captain Wizard may snap at any moment...

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