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Even more Dotor Who awesomeness!

From Richard Swarbrickvia LAUGHING SQUID

i09 has Every Single Doctor Who Story, Ranked from Best to Worst
 Top 5
 1) Caves of Androzani - Yes, it really is that good. Peter Davison's final story as the Doctor is both thrilling and fascinating, thanks to a complex plot, intense performances and beautifully staged action. The Doctor is dying from the first moments of the story, and this is all about him making his final hours count.

2) Blink - You could argue that it deserves the top spot. This insanely inventive story about stone statues that can get you when you're not looking, and a DVD extra showing a missing time traveler dispensing cryptic advice, is still unrivaled, even after years of copies.

3) City of Death - Douglas Adams co-wrote this witty story about an alien fractured in time, who is creating duplicate Mona Lisas as part of a ploy to time-travel and erase humanity from history. The most stylish classic Who, but also the cleverest.

Every Single Doctor Who Story, Ranked from Best to WorstExpand

4) The Doctor's Wife - The TARDIS is made flesh, and we finally get to the bottom of the Doctor's relationship with his time machine, in this intensely moving story.

5) Midnight - When the Doctor's gift for being the "cleverest man in the room" is turned against him, he's at the mercy of human nature at its most revolting, in this misanthropic, scary story....

Bottom 5
237) The Sensorites - This story about telepathic aliens and crazy humans is where the strain of cranking out 44 episodes a year starts to show. The Sensorites are among the worst aliens ever featured on Who.

238) Time and the Rani - the worst regeneration story, and overall, kind of an embarrassment. The plot revolves around a giant space brain, Albert Einstein, and pink leg warmers.

239) Fear Her - A little girl whose squiggles come to life turns out to be bonded to an alien that misses its swarm, just as the girl misses her dead father — but luckily, the Olympics happen.

240) The Ultimate Foe - "Trial of a Time Lord" crashes to an ignominious end, as the Doctor's prosecutor turns out to be an alternate future Doctor. (?!) The final episode of "Trial" is one of the most baffling things we've ever seen.

241) Timelash - Yes, this really is the worst story of all time. Just awful. Avon from Blake's 7 is Richard III, and the Loch Ness Monster (again!) is an evil dictator who wants to marry Peri. Oh, and H.G. Wells is a prat.

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