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The Cold Inside (a serial novel) Chapter Twenty-eight part two

The Cold Inside
Chapter Twenty-eight
part two

Tuesday January 10, 1995

It wasn't even noon yet and already the rumors and jokes about Fred Trager's accident were flying through the school. Linda Kaspary did her best to spread both as she moved from classroom to classroom. It didn't matter to her that Fred wasn't there to defend himself. Fred had never been one of her kind of people anyway, not really. All he had going for him was his passable performance on the football field and his sweet car. Without those he was going to find himself sitting at a whole other table.

Linda was on her way to her fourth period class, Brie and Yvonne shadowed her footsteps, unconsciously matching her rhythm. “I heard he was stoned out if his mind,” Yvvone said.

Brie was tall and lithe with dirty blonde hair and a distant smile, “I saw them take him away in an ambulance.”

“Maybe while he's in the hospital…” Linda said, “They can fix that overbite of his.”

With a final squeal of catty laughter Linda parted from them and ducked into the girls' bathroom. In a way it was a relief to have a fresh scandal after all the weirdness and tension going on with the nerds. She still wasn't sure what happened on the last day of classes before Christmas vacation. All she knew was that she didn't like to think about it and none of them ever talked about it. It must have been bad weed, but what was with all that weird stuff Tristam had been shouting? 

He’s crazy and crazy people love to shout nonsense. she thought. Alone in the rest room Linda gave her face a quick once over for zits. She lotioned and scrubbed and saw a dermatologist regularly but she still had breakouts. Considering the crowd she ran with she couldn't afford to have anyone spot a whitehead before she did.

When she was finished she put her books on the edge of the sink and stepped into one of the stalls. Linda wiped the seat cover down with toilet paper before she slipped her panties to her knees, hiked up her skirt and sat down.

The actual facts about Fred Trager’s accident were pretty boring; he had been out all night and he crashed his car into the front gates. That was it. Everything else was a story heard through a friend of a friend.

She groaned with relief, she'd had to use the bathroom since the middle of her last class. That was the problem with her science teacher, once he started lecturing he wouldn't shut up and let a girl ask for a hall pass.

What can you expect from a man with hair growing out of his ears?

Linda wondered briefly if Fred had tried to kill himself. But what would Fred be suicidal over? He didn't have any trauma or worries. The worst thing that ever happened to him was getting his cherry busted by Smudge

Of course that was assuming the stories she'd heard about what happened at the party were true. She couldn't understand why any of those plain-Janes or wannabes would want to take part in a gangbang - especially with Drew as the guest of honor.

Thing is though if it hadn't happened then why had Smudge just dropped out of school? What else could she have-

-Linda started awake.

I fell asleep on the toilet? Gross.

She shivered and stretched, hoping she wasn't late for class. That was all she needed considering that her Algebra teacher already had it in for her. The tile floor was cold against her bare feet. She didn't even know what time it was. She checked her watch; the black strap of the Rolex was a glaring contrast to her bare arm.

I'm… Linda was so stunned she felt faint. I'm naked?

Completely naked and sitting on the toilet.

“No.” Linda said, almost laughing. This had to be some kind of weird dream. Didn't it?

But there was no sign of her waking up anytime soon.

The goose bumps on her skin were real, the gasping breaths leaving her mouth were real, and the cold, piss-smelling water lapping against her ass was disgustingly real. 

Great the toilet is plugged too. She jumped to her feet. Now where are my clothes? Where did they… Oh no.

Her clothes, all of her clothes were submerged in the filthy water.


Even her shoes.

Being late for class was the least of her worries now. If she called for help she would be humiliated but eventually someone was going to come in here and notice someone standing barefoot in one of the stalls. What would people say if they found out? She would go from being the most popular and pretty girl in the school to being a joke. Wrapping her arms around her bare shoulders Linda tried to think of what to do.

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