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THE COLD INSIDE (a serial novel) Chapter Fourteen part three

The Cold Inside

Chapter Fourteen

part three


Saturday November 12, 1994

Monique Leromenos was lying on her bed, with her hair pooled about her pillow and her eyes tightly closed. Groaning lightly she ran her hands up Evan’s bare back and through his hair. He was kissing her neck, her lips, her forehead. Every kiss felt like a tiny electric shock. Just enough lip, just enough tongue. He really knew what he was doing.

Every one of her friends had warned Monique about Evan. He’s a creep. They said. He only wants one thing. They warned. They promised He’ll use you and throw you away.

So naturally when he first asked her out she’d said no, but he had been so persistent and so charming. He’d even stuck up for her the few times her disastrous relationship with the Dog-Boy had been brought up. It was out of gratitude that she agreed to go out with him. That one date on led to a trip to the movies the very next night. She could talk to him and he really listened. So many other boys didn’t really talk to her; they just marked time until they could get their chilly hands under her sweater. She liked the way Evan looked at her, no other guy had ever looked at her quite that way before.

Once Bobby Hilton got wind of Evan’s pursuit of her, he started making passes as well. Suddenly she had two boys competing for her, that hadn’t happened to her since seventh grade. Bobby was cute, but he didn’t stand a chance really. He was too much of a follower. Monique had to wonder if he would even have thought to ask her out if he hadn’t seen Evan do it first.

Besides, he didn’t even have a car.

Goosebumps rose on the flesh of her legs as he slid her jeans down to her ankles. Monique kicked free of them, sending them flying. Kisses ranged down her belly to her hips, over her legs and paused at her feet.

She giggled as he reverently kissed each toe. He smiled up at her and started licking his way back up again. Before she knew what was happening her panties had landed atop her jeans. She squealed at the feel of his mouth on her and then bit her lip praying no one had heard her. Her parents’ room was right across the hall. She froze in place, suddenly certain that someone knew what they were up to. Propping herself on her elbows she opened her eyes, knowing that if her father walked in on them now she would just die.

Then he would kill her for real.

The door was still closed; she and Evan were still alone. A long shuddering breath escaped from her lips.

Evan looked up at her, “Liked that did you?”

She laughed a little and pulled him up into kissing range. His hands were everywhere. Monique leaned back and lost herself in his expert touch.

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