Wednesday, April 4, 2012

DEN OF GEEK asks 'Doctor Who: should there be a female Doctor?'

Should there be a female Doctor? Yes, if an actress is the best person who auditions. Will an actress ever audition, though? Will a showrunner ever audition a woman for the role? That doesn't guarantee them it, for starters. If I may point your attention to the point in time where Paterson Joseph seemed to be the front runner for the Eleventh Doctor, only for the press release to read 'the youngest ever actor' rather than 'the first black actor to play the role'. While no one running the show is going to ignore an actor because of their skin colour, a woman has yet to be publicly revealed as ever having auditioned. A person's sex is part of their identity, as is their skin colour. Whether or not it should be is another debate...

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