Wednesday, December 28, 2011

THE COLD INSIDE (a serial novel) Chapter Six part one


Chapter Six

part one


Tuesday November 8, 1994

“So what happened then?” Pam asked.

“Ugh.” Carol made a face, “It’s not even about the residents anymore, it’s about insurance and figuring out ways to almost cheat the Medicaid system but not quite.”

“kiss kiss kiss!” Tristam was wearing a wool cap his Dad had gotten him, Cookie was perched atop it squawking and preening.

It was Tuesday, an on schedule Tuesday no less, so they were having spaghetti with meatballs. His sister wasn’t eating any though, all she wanted was a salad. An Elvis CD was playing from the stereo, it was something bland, something from one of his movies.

What I wouldn’t give for a little Nirvana right now. Tristam thought, At least Kurt Cobain had the sense to die before they started trying to put him in musical comedies.

Pam picked at her plate, “You should just go find another job. Plenty of places would be glad to have you.”

“It’s not that easy besides, they have a great benefits package, I cover me and the both of you for a lot less than it would cost me otherwise,” Carol buttered a slice of bread, “some of those higher-paying jobs have insurance that’s garbage, so I’d loose money in the long run.”

“Tristam’s Dad could put him under his insurance,” Pam suggested.

“His father is a pain in the ass when it comes to expenses, better to leave him out of it,” Carol patted her son’s hand, “sorry honey, I’m not insulting you. I’m just-”

“I know,” Tristam shoveled food into his mouth thinking, Maybe if you weren’t such a bitch to him all the time he’d show up a little more often.

“I think maybe we should change the subject,” Carol said, “Pam why are you only having a salad? I hope you’re not going to try starving yourself again.”

“No.” She shrugged “I just had a big lunch.”

Cookie slipped from his roost and fluttered to the floor. Tristam picked himup and put him back atop his head, “Funny I don’t remember seeing you eat anything.”

“You little creep! You’d say anything to get me in trouble.”

“And you’d do anything to stay queen of the snobs.”

“Hey!” Carol said, “I want a meal without arguing.”



She spoke through gritted teeth “I said I. Want. A. Meal. Without. Arguing.”

The finished their dinner in silence marked only by the occasional chirp from the bird.

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    Not much of a fan of Lovecraftian cosmology/magics or undead or superheroes but your style is appealing. Come for the tales of gaming horror, stay for the characterization and sublimely not-wanktastic story.

    I am very glad I checked out your fiction.

    Two questions. Do you SELL anything? Can you point me in the direction of your supernatural-lite works?

    My group has done M:tAw to death and seeing bad guys use magic to get away with absolute murder gives me flashbacks. Chad for instance is a bit much for me but I'll give that another go after my nerves have settled a bit, I'm already missing those protagonists.

    I'll stop here because I don't know how to properly compliment you without sounding like I am offering indecent favors.

  2. I am really glad you are enjoying what you read. I don't have anything for sale but my works are available as free eBooks so definitely download to your heart's content.

    And be sure to spread the word about me to your like-minded friends.

    I used to run WORLD OF DARKNESS games, pretty much since the first game came out, piling one supernatural race atop another until it ended up being something like a cross between MAD MONSTER PARTY and the Anita Blake novels.

    And the Mages were always the most bloodthirsty of the lot. Once they reached a certain power level they started acting like what the 6th Doctor would call 'Second Rate Gods'.

    As you can imagine those games were a big inspiration to the world of my Nick Of Time stories.

    Hope you have a good year and thanks for stopping by.