Wednesday, December 21, 2011

THE COLD INSIDE (a serial novel) Chapter Five part three


Chapter Five

part three


Tuesday November 8, 1994

It must have been a bad day for his Mom as well, she was playing her Elvis CDs as she drove home. Her answers to his questions were terse and dismissive. Tristam had learned to fear these warning signs so he just leaned back in his seat and relaxed. He dozed off somewhere in the early choruses of ‘Suspicious Minds’. Darkness washed over him, he felt his stress oozing away, his every muscle relaxing-

-A sudden sharp turn sent him spilling out of the car and into the path of oncoming traffic. Tristam screamed voicelessly at the sight of a truck bearing down on him. He crossed his arms over his face.

The truck passed over him, passed through him, so did the next car, and the next. There was a blistering pain as the bodies of the vehicles’ passengers momentarily merged with him. Unpleasant as it was it helped him recover his wits, he launched himself into the air and then hovered twenty feet over the intersection.

Tristam stared down through his diaphanous body to the headlights and turn signals. Fuck! I hate that! That hurt!

Actually it hadn’t hurt as bad as the first time he’d blundered through another person. That time the pain had been bad enough to wake him screaming. His mother had come running but he’d been able to pawn it off on her as a nightmare. She was more than willing to accept him having nightmares.

Maybe she’d even been a little glad, Tristam mused as he let himself drift further upwards. The intersection shrunk beneath him, the city faded into soft focus. He had to find out if this was really happening, he had to find out if he was going crazy or getting ready to join the X-Men.

Ha! If only. Time to spend your free period in the library for some research.

The library always made him think of Monique Lermenos. They’d shared their first kiss there- his back brushing against the oversized history volumes, her hands against his chest. He remembered that moment- the smell of the books, her soft lips brushing his, his body seeming to blush, shiver and run out of breath all at once. He was sure he’d never forget it.

Tristam noticed that he was angling slowly towards her house. He wondered if he could make it there before Mom woke him up.

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