Tuesday, July 19, 2011

FULLY VESTED (a serial novel) chapter eight


Fully Vested

Chapter Eight


One year and nine months in

There was an email from Helen Ginnmett sitting in his inbox, Mike had read over it at least a dozen times between calls all from thechatty greeting of “Just checking in...” to the emotionally ambiguous closing of “Thinking of you”

The body of the email itself was just a brief overview of where she was writing from- the west coast office, and where she had been- Xinjiang Province in China. Mike found it a little flattering that she thought enough of him to send him a message once in a while. When she was in London she had emailed him a picture of herself and her partner Piers Sauno standing on London Bridge, Helen had been all smiles, Piers had been glaring at something off camera.

“Thank you for calling Trinity Advance Corporation; I am Michael your Sales and Billing Technologist. How may I be of service to you today?”

Of course Mike had known that nothing real could ever come from his little tete a tete at the Christmas Party but it had been a wild ride. Helen Ginnmett had been like no other woman he'd ever been with. In the course of one night she had been both timid and adventurous, forever asking him how he thought she looked and how she was making him feel. Her body had been toned and soft all at once, her skin had been as perfect as a Playboy model. She had kept him awake all night, running her pinky nail through his graying chest hair as she asked him about his past and his dreams.

Mike smiled as he moved on to the next call.

Half an hour later Brian Hayes strode into the cubicle, a pair of security guards at either side of him, “Raymond,” he began, “I'm afraid that I am going to have to ask you to vacate the premises.”

“What?” Raymond looked up from his doodles.

One of the security guards was carrying a cardboard box, he set it down in front of Raymond. Mike tried not to react but it was hard not to at least smirk a little. This is what you get for trimming your toenails while taking calls, he thought.

Raymond went back to doodling, “You can't do this. You're not my superior. Not yet. Where is Alan Grant?”

“Alan Grant has nothing to do with this,” Brian explained, “You’ve violated the corporate non disclosure agreement.”

“No I did not.”

“We found your blog.”

Well that’s that. Mike thought, as he tried to concentrate on the call coming through.

Raymond stammered, “But what… What about my severance?”

“Your actions have voided that.” Brian Hayes said, “Sorry man.”

“You think I don’t know what you’re doing?” Raymond stood and advanced on Brian Hayes, the two security guards got in his way, “You think that I can’t reveal the really big secrets? Hey Jimmy? You ever wonder why you have trouble sleeping sometimes? And Mike? How did you like your little taste of Enlightenment? Just rearrange the letters and you can see how much of a fool they think you are.”

“You’re not helping anything,” Brian said, “You need to view this as a learning experience.”

“Fuck you. You owe me. After what I did up there? This fucking company owes me!” Raymond’s voice had become a hysterical shout. Everyone was standing up and peering over their cubicle walls at the scene, “I deserve better than this. I deserve-”

It was at that moment the security guards decided to wrestle Raymond to the ground. Keyboards and chairs flew everywhere, Raymond was still wearing his headset and it tore free from the phone as he fell. Jimmy and Mike barely had time to get clear before the tasers came out.

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  1. Oh my yes, this is a great story! I love it, just simply love it - your style of writing, the way you present it, the characters...everything. It all clicks together perfectly. I am so impressed. Actually, I am delighted!

    I connected so well and enjoyed your writing so much, if you have the time, I'd really like to know what you think of some of mine. This is my Nameless Tale I have going. The rest of my Flash Fiction stuff is here at Kwee Writings. I hate to (and am not good at) "pimping" my stuff. Thank you for sharing your work.