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In The Shadow Of His Nemesis chapter ninety nine

In The Shadow Of His Nemesis
Chapter Ninety Nine

Saturday, December 4th 1996

Anticipation made his heart beat faster than it had in years, joy made through an easy task and the thought of holding his Penelope close after so long made his prick stiffen.

It was worth it, Bodivar thought, and inevitable. No refuge is forever.

And while he knew that was true he still hoped the end had come quickly for the other residents of Laurel House. Most of them anyway.

Route 23 was in sight, and the small lake that bordered it. It was just a mile or so to the motel where she was waiting for him. Would he make love to her right then and there?

A helicopter passed overhead and Bodivar knew what that meant for Galen and Magwier. The Monarchs wouldn’t be kind to either of them but it was no less than they deserved. No less than they all deserved. The only true innocent had been Warren.

Bodivar felt a little sorry for the boy, his only crime had been being phenomenally unlucky. At least he had died quickly. Bodivar liked to think Warren might have been grateful if he had only understood what the future held in store for his world.

A loud crash made Bodivar slow to a stop. He looked back to see a plume of smoke rising up in the air. What was happening?

Whatever it is, it’s no concern of mine, he told himself.

The temptation to cast a spell was strong, to move himself through space and simply find himself at Penelope’s side but it wasn’t safe. Not with Laurel House in ruins.

Whatever might be left of Damiea was lost in the Spaces Between, dying and desperate she would be searching for a vessel to conceal herself. The dark god could displace a soul with the ease of a cuckoo displacing a rival chick and with that done she would then be able to defend herself.

He wasn’t about to risk such a fate, not when he was so close.

“You...” a voice growled.

A shape approached, a vlodek in its bestial form. It’s fur was marked with old scars and new wounds. “Sig?” Bodivar cleared his throat, “You escaped?”

“My Angie is dead...” Sig moved closer, “You killed her. Maybe in the end you’ll have killed us all.”

“What- what are you talking about?” Bodivar readied an incantation. He would have to be fast.

“Don’t lie to me. Treason marks you. It’s a mark we share.”

Bodivar hissed an incantation, his hands tracing sacred shapes in the air. Sig’s fur sparked and began to burn, his old scars opened and bled. Bodivar turned to go, certain this would be more than enough, after all he’d felled other vlodek with less.

Sig growled wetly. He began to move forward, half-running, half-falling. The old vlodek picked up speed, blood and fire trailing out after him.

Bodivar turned to run. Sig snapped at his heels. Bodivar didn’t even realize he’d run out onto the frozen lake until he heard the ice cracking underfoot.

No! Not like this! Bodivar thought.

A weight hit him in the back and he fell. Sig turned him over with a paw that gouged and cut. It ice cracked again, frigid water began to swallow them both up.

Bodivar began to speak the syllables that would send him to the spaces between. It was a risk he had to take.

“Quiet.” Sig snarled. He jabbed one of his claws into Bodivar’s eye socket and hooked it through to the other. Then he pulled.

Bodivar screamed from a broken face, blinded and choking.

“This is no less than we deserve.”

The ice gave way. The old Vlodek and the immortal Alchemist sank beneath the water.

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