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In The Midnight Of His Heart Chapter Sixteen part two

In The Midnight Of His Heart

Chapter Sixteen

part two


September 8, 1993

It was all different this time, completely different.

The realization made Jason Magwier giddy with excitement, and a little terrified. He gripped the van's steering wheel tightly and stared out the windshield to the four-level brownstone John had entered a little over thirty minutes ago. What was taking so long? He picked up the cellular phone and checked the power level for the fifth time. With a heavy sigh he set it back down on the seat beside him. Everything looked OK but the question remained- why hadn't he called?

“Calm down will you?”

Magwier glanced into the van's shadowed interior, where Jared knelt on the carpeted floor, his clothes in a neat pile beside him. “I can't,” he tried to explain, “I've never experienced this future before, this is all different.”

“You mean one of your premonitions didn't come true.”

“Not premonitions- memories.”

“Does this have something to do with that one true love of yours? The one you haven't even met yet?”

An element of wistfulness crept into Magwier's voice, “She'll arrive at the Hammond Institute, so young, so eager to learn. As natural a talent as ever there was. Only sixteen years old but already outclassing some of the most established practitioners in the field.”

“She was only sixteen?”

“And thanks to me she'll never make it to Eighteen.” he turned and stared into the darkened dashboard.

“But,” Jared leaned forward, putting a hand on his mentor's shoulder, “if you know what's going to happen then why don't just not do whatever it is that-”

The phone rang. They both jumped, Magwier fumbled and dropped the cellular phone under his seat. Cursing with frustration he scrabbled blindly as it rung a second time. His hands were shaking, he couldn't make them be still.

“Sig?” Jared had the phone, “OK.”

“Well?” Magwier asked as the young prince turned the phone's power off and handed it back to him.

“He's got her.”

“I guess this is it.”

“I guess.”

“Be careful.”

“They can't hurt me.” Jared's voice trembled with pleasure. His form twitched and blurred, becoming hairless and lithe. Magwier couldn't look away; this was the Metastasis in all its glory.

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