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In The Midnight Of His Heart Chapter Six part two

In The Midnight Of His Heart

Chapter Six

part two


April 24, 1993

Angie had a roommate.

A male roommate. He could smell him on her, wisps of strange cologne clinging covetously to her skin. They weren’t doing anything yet but they would soon. She practically glowed with arousal. John felt the kick of adrenaline flooding his system. He wanted to scream with rage. He wanted to find the man that had touched her and rip his heart out. He wanted to fall to his knees weeping.

“Hey handsome.” the waitress flashed him a smile five times more sincere than anything the other customers received, “The usual?”

“Yes.” his voice came out as a whisper. Visions of carnage flashed through his mind. How could she do this to him?

She scribbled on her pad and then gazed it him, her brow furrowing with concern. “You ok?”


“Are you Ok? You're so pale.” she reached out to touch him, “Have you got a fever?”

He flinched away as though he'd been burned. He didn't trust himself, not when he was so angry and her hand was so delicate “I'm fine! I just need some coffee.”

Looking very surprised and a little hurt Angie retreated. John stared at the countertop feeling sick to his stomach. The Metastasis felt so close. The urgency ripped though his veins, a howl echoing in the silence between his heartbeats. He would have found it laughable if it wasn't so tragic- his every muscle was tensed in preparation for something that could never happen again.

The sound of the coffee cup being set down startled him, “You sure you don't need some Advil?”

“I-” he could feel himself about to tip over the edge and for a crazy moment he considered giving in. It would mean his death of course, but what did he have to live for? Why shouldn't he join the rest of his race?

“John,” tentatively Angie let her hand settle over his, “you're scaring me.”

“Maybe...” he swept a lock of silver hair from his face and mustered a smile. The stirring in his gut subsided to a low ebb, “maybe, I will take that aspirin.”

She grinned with relief and patted his hand, “That's Advil, it better than aspirin.”

“Sounds like just what I need.”

“Be back in two shakes of a lamb's tail.” Angie said, scooting back into the kitchen.

John watched her go and drank his coffee with shaking hands.

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