Thursday, November 18, 2010

In The Midnight Of His Heart Chapter Four part one

In The Midnight Of His Heart

Chapter Four

part one


February 26, 1993

Zara, Phil and John watched the news with growing horror and disbelief. On the television screen black smoke poured out of the World Trade Center as sirens howled and rescue workers struggled to get people to safety. John ran his hands up and down his cane, remembering the old days. He had only to glance over at Zara and Phil to know their thoughts were with his.

“I just can't believe it.” Zara shook her head.

“Do you see anyone you recognize?”

“No, but there are Pharos Agents there. They have to be there.”

Phil shook his head, “Somebody fucked up big time. This would never have happened in the old days. Never.”

“It was inevitable.” John said, “And we got lucky, it could have been a lot worse. The whole building could have come down.”

They fell into silence for a while, hypnotized by the spectacle unfolding on the screen before them- the victims with their smoke-blackened faces, the smooth talking newsmen, the harried paramedics and police. Chaos had always threatened to consume the human race but to John is seemed as though humanity was rushing headlong into Chaos' maw.

Phil shifted in his seat, “Goddamn sand-niggers.”

“Philip David Adorskil!” Zara scowled, color rising to her cheeks.


“You damn well know what.” Zara said, “My father was one of your so called sand-niggers.”

“Yes dear.” Phil agreed, “But at least your mother was civilized. If your father had had his way you'd probably be slaving away in some toothless Arab's tent with your clitoris cut out.”

“Do you think they’re still looking for us?” Zara wondered aloud.

“No.” Phil said, “But they are looking for Victor.”

Using his cane for support, John stood “I should be going.”

“Are you sure you won't stay?” Zara asked, “We're having pot roast.”

“Maybe next time.” they exchanged understanding smiles. He turned to his friend, “I'll see you tomorrow at Mickey Dee's... unless of course she wises up and kills you.”

“Stay out of trouble.” Phil said without looking up from the TV.

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