Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In The Shadow Of His Nemesis chapter thirty nine

In The Shadow Of His Nemesis

Chapter Thirty Nine


Saturday November 16th 1996

“Do you think he meant us?” Roxanne slipped out of her dress revealing a figure as plump as it was pale.

“Who?” Jack was getting undressed for bed as well, stripping down to his boxer shorts and leaving the clothes on the floor. His body was taut and muscular, especially his legs, “You mean Magwier? Who knows what the Hell he’s talking about most of the time.”

“No. Not him.” She unsnapped her bra letting her heavy breasts fall free, “I mean Galen.”

“Galen?” Jack stared at her nudity with a boyish grin, “He’s harmless.”

When he came towards her she pushed him back and sat down on the bed to take off her pantyhose, “Oh no. His girlfriend and her brother, they’re harmless, and a little hopeless, but not Galen. That man is selfish to a fault. I know the type.”

“Do you now?” his boxers fell to the floor.

They were in Jack’s room- the Castellan’s room; the largest room Laurel House had to offer; a tall, windowless room, so large that it had its own library and its own fireplace. It had a big bed too, Roxanne liked that most of all. She had spent ever night of the last few years sharing it with him but she still insisted on keeping a place of her own in the guest wing. She felt it was a sign of her independence and it was a good place to store shoes.

There were times when Roxanne wondered about her own selfishness, if her relationship with Jack Waterford would have gone on like this if he was still living just off the Sepulcher. Her pantyhose were down to her ankles. She paused to watch him puttering around, trying to light a fire even though the room was warm enough.

“Come and help me.” She said. The box of matches clattered to the floor. Jack knelt before her slipping the soft fabric down over her feet and kissing each toe as it was revealed. She rolled her eyes, “I am trying to have a conversation with you.”

“About what?”

“About Galen.” She yanked her ankle from his grip and shifted around so she was lying on her belly, “Concentrate.”

“If you had wanted me to concentrate you would have kept your clothes on.”

“He’s trouble Jack, you know what he did.” She said.

Finally serious he sat down beside her, “I don’t think we have the right to judge besides if he wasn’t meant to find this place he wouldn’t have.”

Ever the fidgeter she raised herself to her knees and leaned on him, “How do we know it was him? All three of them showed up here at once and you don’t have to be an oracle to see that Warren is on the verge of a transformation.”

“Transformations aren’t a bad thing.”

“Not always good though.” Roxanne started to kiss his shoulder, “Don’t you ever worry? There are no promises here, not for any of us.”

“People live on fault lines and at the bases of volcanoes all over the world. They just live their days one day to the next.” He moved suddenly grabbing her wrists and pushing her back, “Now to pay you back for earlier.”

Roxanne’s girlish squeal was just loud enough to drown out the sound of windchimes as it drifted through the room.

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  1. Another nice entry, Al. Good pace. It's not any longer or shorter than any other recent entries but it moved much more quickly.

    Good work sir, per usual. Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.