Thursday, May 14, 2009

Topless Robot Speaks Profound Amounts Of Truth

The blog Topless Robot had an article called The 8 Most Underrated Doctors from Doctor Who

And what they said was very true especially when they make a stand for the much maligned 6th Doctor...

Colin Baker's Sixth Doctor proved to be the most controversial. Fans never seemed to forgive the Sixth Doctor's homicidal outburst caused by his regeneration instability, in which he tried unsuccessfully to strangle his companion Peri. Once he regained his mind, he announced that he was the Doctor... whether we liked it or not! Indeed! His clashing outfit also appears to have gone unforgiven, although it certainly made him feel like an alien being who was above caring if others didn't like how he looked. He liked how he looked, and that was all that mattered. The sadly closed minds that recoil at the thought of the Sixth Doctor just don't appreciate the most passionate, animated, dominating and often the most humorous Doctor the show ever had. The Sixth Doctor stood up for what was right loudly and clearly and could physically take care of himself, too. He was brash and egotistical, but also could be warm to his companions and occasionally self-effacing. Simply put, he was the most dynamic Doctor. But sadly his time on the program was cut a bit short. Like Paul McGann (and also Peter Davison and Sylvester McCoy), Baker has gone on to revive the character in many audio adventures, and even (at times) softened up the character a little more than he was on the original show.

Say what you like fanboys but I wish he'd had a dozen seasons...


  1. I missed him because it was my college years in the woods on a campus with one TV, but am catching up on the Sixth Doctor right now. He's no cuddly clown, no dishy dope, but he's riveting as I start off with Vengeance on Varos and I'm sad I've missed out on him up until now.

  2. He was great and a tragic missed opportunity. If you get a chance pick up some of his audio adventures, they are truly great and they show how much potential he had.

    The comic strips are great too, he traveled around with a talking penguin...